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The announcement of a Taco Bell Cantina in the heart of Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana – Officials with Newbridge Commercial Real Estate, Inc. said on Tuesday that a Taco Bell Cantina restaurant is coming to downtown Indianapolis, allowing locals the opportunity to consume traditional Taco Bell fare in a fresh setting.

According to officials, Taco Bell Cantina has leased 2,858.5 square feet in the downtown Indianapolis Lieber Building at 24 West Washington Street. The ground level, basement, and mezzanine of the building are anticipated to be occupied by the restaurant.

There are now four Taco Bell Cantina stores in Chicago, as well as others across the nation in places like Cleveland, Madison, Wisconsin, and New York City.

According to Taco Bell’s website, the cantina will have an open kitchen, a customized menu, specialty alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, and liquor versions of the Freezes drinks, along with the usual Taco Bell fare like crunchwraps, chalupas, and soft tacos.

The letters of intent have been exchanged “off and on over the years with the Cantina concept since 2016,” according to representatives of Newbridge Commercial Real Estate, Inc. They expressed hope that the Taco Bell Cantina facility could be ready before the events surrounding the NBA All-Star Game in February, despite the fact that no official opening date has been set.

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