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The Bloomington council rejects the police department relocation proposal



Bloomington, Indiana – On Wednesday night, the controversial proposals to sell the current police headquarters and utilize the proceeds to move it into the Showers Building were unanimously rejected by the Bloomington City Council.

On Tuesday, a Fraternal Order of Police leader expressed his concerns that there would not be enough space for emergency vehicles to quickly enter and exit the site at the proposed new location. City Hall is located in the Showers Building as well.

The existing police department’s location was donated by the heirs of a family who informed the council on Wednesday’s meeting that selling the building and its property to a private corporation is against the provisions of the deed.

The council member was informed by Mayor John Hamilton, a Democrat who is leaving office at the end of the year, that the original 1923 deed does not contain a reservation for public use.

Council members requested additional time to review the idea before casting their “no” votes, so Kerry Thomson, a Democrat, will be in charge of it going forward.