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The construction is still underway, but Lafayette Square Mall won’t re-open by the end of this month as previously planned



Lafayette, Indiana – Lafayette Square Mall was one of the most popular places for local residents to go shopping. The majority of the locals were happy when it was announced that their favorite place for spending time with friends and family would be renovated and modernized in an effort to reclaim its “crown jewel of shopping and dining” title.

After buying several homes and commercial properties around the mall, the new owner, Fabio De La Cruz, bought the mall itself. As soon as the purchase was publicly revealed, he announced his plans for renovating the mall and making it a “landmark of Indianapolis”. This brought mixed feelings, but the majority of the area residents who go to the mall frequently were happy to hear that their favorite place will be modernized and will offer more things, including a sports park, a hotel, and apartments.

The construction started in August, and the new owner said part of the project should be finished by the end of November. The first part of the project included the mall itself, while the surrounding areas were initially set to be finished by the end of the next year. De La Cruz was so convinced that everything would go according to the plan that even a soft opening day was scheduled for Nov. 21. However, the disappointing news arrived on Friday.

Sojos Capital released a statement saying that the re-opening will be postponed and the space will be inaccessible until it’s complete. This is the press release:

“While we are pleased with how the revitalization is going, the challenges with the current construction climate have caused us to pivot,” Sojos Capital, said in a statement. “One of the most intense components of the project is the complete renovation and build-out of the food, beverage and entertainment area. By not remaining open for business, we will be able to further accelerate renovation efforts while guaranteeing the safety of our tenants, employees and visitors.”

Sojos Capital says it is meeting one-on-one with each tenant to create action plans. Tenants will also have the opportunity to relocate to a free, temporary space in a former anchor store, open to the general public, to allow them to continue doing business until construction is complete.

However, potential clients are heavily disappointed, as the mall would have been a great alternative and addition to the current shopping offer, just ahead of Christmas and New Year’s Eve.