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The effects of national cyberattacks on Indiana



Indianapolis, Indiana – If Indiana is affected by the widespread cyberattack, there are doubts.

The state of Indiana, according to the Indiana Office of Technology, does not employ the software that was the subject of this attack, but they are examining all of their third-party vendors with whom they do business to determine if they were affected.

“My guess what we’ve seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Scott Shackelford, executive director of the Center for Applied Cybersecurity Research at Indiana University.

Shackelford has been keeping up with the hacking narrative.

Your personal information being compromised, which could result in identity theft, is a major risk, he claims.

“Once that information is out there, unfortunately, it’s out there forever. The internet’s written in ink,” said Shackleford.

Shackleford claims that Indiana is working to strengthen its cybersecurity with assistance from two of the state’s top colleges, however, it might not help with this specific issue.

“IU and Purdue are working with the Indiana Office of Technology to do 342 cybersecurity assessments over the next four years to get a much better view for how we’re doing as a state on protecting Hoosier information,” said Shackleford.

Shackleford advised freezing your credit with the credit reporting agencies to make it more difficult for others to open accounts and make purchases using your information as we wait to learn whether Indiana agencies were harmed as a result of their work with third-party vendors.

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