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The fifth annual Jacob Pickett Memorial Day raises money for struggling law enforcement families



Indianapolis, Indiana – Five years have passed since the on-the-job death of Boone County Deputy Jacob Pickett. He was shot in March 2018 while he pursued a suspect with the help of his K-9 companion Brik.

Respond like Jake. The Jacob Pickett Response Group lives by this motto.

”He gave his whole heart and soul to other people. Whether it was to serve and protect or if it was to his friends and family. He lived life wholeheartedly,” said the President of Jacob Pickett Response Organization, Jen Pickett.

In addition to holding an annual memorial day in honor of Pickett, his wife, Jen, founded the Jacob Pickett Response Organization to support law enforcement families in need.

”That is exactly what we are here to do today is raise money and to celebrate what we have done in the last three years. We have given to seven families nearly $45,000. Two of those families were in Boone County,” said Pickett.

The foundation serves to emphasize what he accomplished while on earth.

”He gave and gave. Not only the ultimate sacrifice, but he also gave to people every day. He was a people person and he loved his job,” said Boone County Sheriff Tony Harris.

Applications for self-nominations or family nominations for financing are submitted to the board of the responsive organization.

”Typically they are speechless, humbled and very thankful. These are the type of people who are used to being called to help others. They are not used to needing help,” said Pickett.

Many who knew Jacob well claim that he would be pleased with the work the group is carrying out. “Not only that they are supporting our local law enforcement but also they are supporting my family, my late husband, and his legacy,” said Pickett.

”I have been able to smile all day long, even at the loss of Jake, but Jake would want us all smiling,” said Sheriff Harris.