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The Indianapolis City Council releases ideas for “No Turn on Red” crossings



Indianapolis, Indiana – Several recommendations to limit “Turn on Red” signals were made public by the City-County Council of Indianapolis on Monday in an effort to increase pedestrian safety in the downtown region.

The suggested limitations, according to council president Vop Osili, are simple approaches to reduce accidents and make streets safer. Osili said in a statement that it was crucial to guarantee everyone’s connectivity, accessibility, and safety as downtown continued to expand.

“This is a recognized practice in traffic safety and a critical policy for protecting people as they walk throughout downtown,” said Kim Irwin, executive director of Health by Design, in a statement.

Irwin adds that requiring full stops from drivers at “No Turn on Red” junctions will lessen the number of vehicles clogging the crosswalk, improve pedestrian visibility, and improve the walking experience.

In a statement, Mayor Joe Hogsett said he was pleased to back the council’s efforts to strike a balance between mobility and safety.

The “No Turn on Red” proposal’s affected junctions are:

• 22nd and Delaware streets.
• College and Massachusetts avenues.
• College Avenue and St. Clair Street.
• Palmer and Meridian streets.
• The areas surrounded by 11th Street, Oscar Robertson Boulevard, 10th Street, White River Parkway, Interstate 70 and Interstate 65, except state highways.

The recommendations are a part of the city’s continuous efforts to make Indianapolis’s roads safer for all road users. The ideas were scheduled for a final vote on May 8th.

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