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The killing of a man in the west side leaves a void in the community



Indianapolis, Indiana – On Saturday, a sizable crowd gathered in Belmont Beach to honor Michael Chappel Jr.

Previously, there was segregation in Belmont Beach. Years later, Chappel and his cousin Lamon Brewster worked to transform it into a welcoming space.

“It’s bittersweet for us. we have a place in the community now that’s a peaceful place, but at the same time, Mike Treez isn’t here to celebrate with us,” said Brewster.

“Treez” as he was known by close friends, was an Indianapolis radio personality, supporter of the arts and the people in his home community of Haughville.

“He was in the military, and he studied mental health to try and help speak to these young men,” said Brewster.

Mike’s longtime friend Monique Nourse resides next door to the scene of Chappel’s shooting on September 3.

“I was heart broken. I mean, there are no words. Mike was like family,” said Nourse.

When Nourse was a child, it was acceptable to leave your doors open and your bicycles outdoors in Haughville. She is angry that Chappel was murdered inexplicably and that younger kids would never get the opportunity to learn from him.

“I have so many mixed emotions. I’m hurt, I’m mad, I’m angry, I’m sad,” said Nourse.

No suspects have been identified in Chappel’s murder, and no new information has been released.




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