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The man who ended up stuck in soy bean silo for several hours has died, report



Indianapolis, Indiana – The unfortunate event took place on Saturday when man ended up stuck in a soy bean silo has died, authorities say.

According to the IFD, the victim was identified as the 32-year-old Marvin Tyler who ended up trapped in soybean product about 100 feet down in the silo.

The incident occurred in the 1100 block of West 18th Street. When crews arrived at the scene, the man was unconscious and air monitoring showed an oxygen deficient atmosphere.

At least twelve rescuers both from IFD and Hancock County entered the silo in order to take the man out.

“For rescuers, the constant shift of the soy bean product became the biggest obstacle and rescuers reported that every time progress was made in removing it from around the victim, it would slide back down and put them back to square one,” IFD public information officer Rita Reith said in a news release.

“Every attempt to stabilize the area around the victim, his position on a slope and near the wall, proved to be extremely frustrating for crews valiantly trying to remove him.”

The intense operation lasted for several hours from 12:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.

Bunge, an oil seed processing plant that stores soy beans, has contractors that are investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident.

“Our thoughts are with the family as they grieve the unexpected loss of Mr. Tyler,” Reith said.

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