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The southeast side of I-465 will be closed for three weeks due to a patching project



Indianapolis, Indiana – In an attempt to repair potholes and prolong the life of the deteriorating highway, I-465 southbound on the southeast side will be closed for three weeks.

The Indiana Department of Transportation is going to close I-465 southbound between I-70 and I-65 as of May 31. The 21-day project will include bridge construction, joint repairs, and repairing of pavement.

INDOT’s public relations director, Kyleigh Cramer, stated that the agency has made the decision to completely block the southbound corridor so workers can work rapidly without being concerned about approaching traffic.

“Starting Friday, we are going to see I-465 southbound shut down from I-70 to I-65 on the southeast side of 465. This is just to help our crews stay safe while we do some patching work,” Cramer said.

Several ramps to southbound I-465 will close:

• I-70 eastbound and westbound to I-465 southbound (5/31 at 7 p.m.)
• Washington St./U.S. 40 eastbound and westbound to I-465 southbound (5/31 at 9 a.m.)
• Brookville Rd./U.S. 52 eastbound and westbound to I-465 southbound (5/31 at 9 a.m.)
• Shadeland Ave. southbound to I-465 southbound (6/1 at 9 a.m.)
• Southeastern Ave./Old U.S. 421 to I-465 southbound (6/1 at 9 a.m.)
• I-74 westbound to I-465 southbound (6/1 at 9 a.m.)
• Emerson Ave. northbound and southbound to I-465 westbound (6/1 at 9 a.m.)
• Pendleton Pike eastbound and westbound to I-465 southbound (5/30 at 9 p.m.)

Additionally, there will be limits for drivers on I-465 southbound immediately north of the I-70 interchange. Beginning near 46th Street, just three lanes of traffic will be allowed. Along that section, I-465 southbound will be limited to two lanes on weekends.

The route that INDOT advises taking to return to I-465 southbound is from I-70 westbound to I-65 southbound.

“There’s many factors that factor into why we’re doing this section,” Cramer said. “We’ve seen a lot of calls from our call center. A lot of people have been asking about and reporting potholes in this area.”

Along I-465, INDOT personnel have also noted the need for patching. According to Cramer, this particular closure is expected to endure 21 days and end in the middle of June.

“Whatever we get done over those 21 days is what we’re going to get done,” Cramer said, adding that weather isn’t a factor in the length of the project.

“We’re going to be out there quite a bit,” Cramer said. “Again, we have 21 days to get all of it done and we’re going to use all that time afforded for us and be in and out as quickly as possible.”

Cramer admitted that drivers accustomed to using 465 may see some traffic issues as a result of the closure.

“We know that this is an inconvenience. We really appreciate the motoring public’s patience with us during this time,” Cramer said.

The three weeks were the “best time,” in Cramer’s opinion, to complete the repairs.

“We try to maintain life expectancy as long as possible for our roadway. I-465 is receiving a lot of work, we’ve seen with 465 Clear Path and the I-69 Finish Line project, it’s kind of reaching the end of its capacity and lifespan. We’re trying to maintain the lifespan for as long as possible.”

If necessary, the ramps scheduled to close over the 21-day period might also undergo repairs.

Like 465 Clear Path or I-69 Finish Line, Cramer stated, INDOT views this as necessary road repair rather than a “major project.” The logistical issues arise from INDOT having to coordinate the patching work with other active projects.

Soon, ramp closures and the same procedures will be applied on the northbound side. In the coming weeks, INDOT will release more details regarding the northbound shutdown, according to Cramer.


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