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Toddler killed in car crash in front of Clearwater Village



Indianapolis, Indiana — A 3-year-old, Jyrie Timothy Matthewswas killed in a hit-and-run after his mother said she pulled over into the Clearwater Village Shopping Mall parking lot because her car was overheating. “He ended up grabbing his basketball, got out of the car, and started dribbling the basketball,” Lakiea Murry, Jyrie’s mother, said. “I didn’t see him at that time, and I didn’t hear no balls, but when I went around the corner in the back of the car, that’s when I see him just laying there.”

According to Murry, her son was always latched at her hip, and still was the day he died. Her car began overheating so she pulled over into the shopping lot to give it a chance to cool off, she said. She says she and Jyrie went to the bathroom and then got back in the car. She says she was in the driver’s seat when he got out of the car to play with his basketball until she couldn’t hear the ball bouncing anymore. “As I was still picking him up, I was looking and one thing I saw, [it] seemed like it was like a white car. I’m thinking it might be like, an SUV,” Murry said.

As Jyrie was taken to the hospital in an ambulance, that would be the only detail she was able to give the police. He later died at the hospital, she said. “He was a three-year-old baby. I know you have to hear something,” Latina Mathews, Jyrie’s Aunt, said. “You had to, and several people leave the scene because they feel they’re gonna go to prison, but you make it worse when you run off.”

According to the family, Jyrie was a fun-loving spirit who loved to play basketball. As the family hopes and waits for the person responsible to come forward or for the police to find them, Murry says there is some comfort in knowing Jyrie’s last moments were spent doing exactly what he loved — playing basketball. “Mommy is going to miss you so much. I’m going to miss my baby so much,” Murry said.

According to IMPD says they are checking surveillance cameras in the lot to see if they can get a description of the car or the person driving.

Police ask anyone with information on this case to call 911.