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Trash management in the city facing issues, Indy DPW and Republic Services held meeting to discuss the matter and find a solution



Indianapolis, Indiana – The trash management is facing issues in the Central Indiana area and residents are concerned when the current issues will be fixed.

In regards to the problem, the Indianapolis Department of Public Works (Indy DPW) leadership met with Republic Services of Indianapolis earlier this week to discuss the current problems in the area and find a solution in the upcoming period.

In some areas, the trash pickup is seeing two weeks delay and people are simply getting stuck in trash in front of their properties.

Republic Services of Indianapolis said there are multiple reasons for the problems lately. According to them, they face truck parts shortage and increased volume of solid waste and these two things directly affect the process currently.

“Republic has made internal changes concerning staffing this week and anticipates completing all Friday routes before the end of the week, with no down routes or trash sitting over the weekend,” a joint statement read.

“Indy DPW and Republic Services are hopeful these adjustments will resolve the situation and result in the collection of all routes moving forward.”

Republic Services has been in charge for the trash management for more than 20 years and Indy DPW remains calm and confident that the company will solve all the current challenges and continue their great work.

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