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Two cars reportedly hit protester in Sunday night protest



Bloomington, Indiana – Two cars reportedly hit a 21-year-old Indianapolis man in protests yesterday on the intersection of Kirkwood and Walnut Avenues around 9:16 p.m., Bloomington Police Department Capt. Ryan Pedigo said. The man was not seriously injured.

Officers were informed the man was blocking traffic on Walnut Avenue when a black car tried to get through the crowd. The man told police that he jumped on the hood of the car and rode on it for a short time. The driver of the black car did not injure him.

A white truck pulling a boat approached the crowd shortly after and attempted to drive through the protesters. The truck did not hit the man, but the boat it was pulling struck him in his lower back. IU Health medics treated him on the scene but he did not want to be transported to the hospital.

No one at the scene saw the license plate number on the white truck, and the incident was categorized as a hit and run.

Pedigo said he understands the motives of protesters who block streets to get the attention of drivers but voiced his concern for peoples’ safety.

“It’s just so dangerous to try and block vehicular traffic with your body,” Pedigo said. “It can often result in injury.”

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