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Versiti Blood Center experiences donation difficulties



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Versiti Blood Center of Indiana appeals to potential donors, stating that the demand for blood donations is urgent.

The blood center says they presently aren’t close to the 2,900 donations they need each week to provide for Indiana hospitals.

Vice President and Senior Medical Director for Versiti is Dr. Dan Waxman. He claims that acquiring the necessary donations has become more challenging as a result of the recent vacations.

Waxman claims that due to the low number of donations, blood is being provided to hospitals on a case-by-case basis.

According to him, if a hospital phones and requests 20 units of blood, the blood bank might only be able to provide them with ten.

Three level-one trauma facilities in Indianapolis are significantly reliant on blood supplies. Leaders are concerned about the paucity of donations.

“We just don’t want to get to a situation where a patient is in the hospital and they don’t have the products to make it through their procedure. The people we treat might be someone you never met. You never know. It could be a neighbor it could be a relative, it could be someone very close to you, so this is something we’re in dire need of and we really need people to come out and donate,” Waxman said.

Blood donation is a fairly easy process, and it only takes an hour from the time you sign up to when you finish.

Anyone aged 17 and up may give.

Each donation of blood can be used to create three separate products, potentially saving three lives.

You can either schedule a donation appointment or just drop by without one.

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