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Welcome to Fairyville opens in Noblesville



Noblesville, Indiana – The Nickel Plate Arts Campus will once again host the 11th Annual Welcome to Fairyville.

On the Nickel Plate Arts Campus on April 20, fairy houses made by local artists will be on exhibit and available for voting. For Fairy Friday and Sprite Saturday, they will be transferred to the Fairyville Trail on Friday, April 21.

Before starting their tour of the Fairy Home Show, visitors are advised to pick up a map on campus.

The inaugural Fairy Ball will take place on Wednesday as well.

“It’s for people that are 21 and older. Tickets can be purchased for $100,” said Aili McGill, executive director at Nickel Plate Arts. “That’s happening at the Lacy Arts Building from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m..”

In addition, there will be fairies-themed merchandise sellers, fairy caboose rides, family tea parties, and a parade on Friday and Saturday.