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What one group believes will happen to I-65/I-70 in downtown Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana – Imagine Indianapolis’ North Split. Now visualize a sizable traffic circle surrounded by trees close to 11th Street, in the vicinity of the intersection of I-65 and I-70.

The remainder of the heavily used region close to 16th Street, which Rethink refers to as the Inner Loop, will be redesigned, according to plans unveiled by the Rethink Coalition on Wednesday. Rethink describes the North Split project as “just the start” of the endeavor to upgrade I-65 and I-70 in Indianapolis, stating that the design builds on recent work on that project.

Building what are known as the “recessed interstates,” or traffic tunnels below earth, is a key component of their plan. A sunken interstate with greenspace on top would increase safety and produce less noise than the current interstate structure, according to the group’s Visionary Study.

According to Rethink, this method of urban design “addresses traffic challenges while prioritizing equitable development opportunities, green spaces, and quality of life considerations within the community.”

Rethink’s visual projections of the project’s finished product are available on the website. Rethink lists the following as the renderings’ major features:

• Enhanced traffic flow and reduced environmental impact.
• Inclusive economic development of newly created and under-developed land.
• Thoughtful integration of green spaces and pedestrian-friendly zones.
• Community connectivity through multimodal, walkable treescapes and strategic capping of the recessed interstate.

Indy Chamber’s Vice President of Policy and Strategy, Taylor Hughes, said in a release that the concept “not only addresses our city’s traffic challenges but also opens up opportunities for thoughtful development, community connectivity, and enhanced quality of life.”



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