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While Indiana struggles with nurse shortage like never before, president Biden announced the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers



Indiana – The experts couldn’t remember to a similar situation like we have today in Indiana as nurse shortage is seen everywhere across the state.

This comes in the worst possible moment since president Biden announced his new anti-Covid-19 plan yesterday according to which healthcare workers will be mandated to get the vaccine if they don’t want to lose their Medicare insurance. Many threatened they will quit rather than getting vaccinated.

Travel nurses are needed almost everywhere in Indiana. It’s just amazing, to get the job you like and to work what you always wanted and meanwhile, to travel different places. But despite these facts, there are not enough travel nurses in Indiana.

“It’s priceless it really is,” Renada Walton, a registered nurse, said.

Walton has been registered nurse for more than 30 years and she traveled the country very often during this period.

“I’ve loved it, I’ve loved it there’s so many benefits,” Walton said.

What is even more interesting for the travel nurses is the fact that they are getting paid more compared to regular nurses. They are also able to visit new cities and states during their career and to improve themselves since they usually have the ability to try new technologies that will help them later in life.

“The benefits can be endless and if it’s the right fit for you, number one thing comes to mind is flexibility,” said Nora Vandergrifft-Kelley, a registered nurse and CEO of Assured Nursing. “When I started years ago it was for flexibility being able to work around family you know with their all the kids and their activities things like that.”

Assured Nursing is an agency dedicated to giving nurses flexibility in their careers.

Flexibility Walton appreciates but says nurses need to make sure this type of work is the right fit for them.

“My advice would be to give it a try,” Walton said. “Right now we need nurses but we don’t just need nurses we need strong nurses we need nursing better passionate about what they do. It can be challenging but it’s so rewarding when you know that you added to someone’s existence.”

Vandergrifft-Kelley said they have thousands of jobs coming through and get you connected with one that fits your skillset.

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