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Woman drives through Nashville gas station after intentionally starting fire in car



Nashville, Indiana – Over the weekend, a petrol station in Nashville, Indiana sustained significant damage after a lady allegedly set her car on fire before driving straight through the station’s entrance, according to authorities.

Around 3:15 a.m. on Sunday, Nashville police and Brown County deputies rushed to a Speedway gas station on S. Van Buren St. A station worker informed the dispatchers that a car had struck the structure and that a fire was evident.

When emergency personnel came, they discovered a flaming item of clothes on top of the automobile. The Speedway employee put out the fire.

By the time the police came, the car’s driver, according to the police, was outside the car. Investigators said she admitted to having a mental health crisis and purposely starting a fire in her vehicle before reversing into a fuel pump and entering the structure. The woman acknowledged having taken a “unknown” quantity of prescription drugs prior to the incident.

For a mental health assessment, the woman was brought to a hospital. When police complete their investigation, charges can still be pending.

In order to help, the Nashville Volunteer Fire Department turned off all nearby utilities, including the power, water, and gas lines.

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