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Woman sentenced to life behind bars for strangling step-daughter to death in their house, hid the body in plastic trash bags



Monster woman will spend the rest of her life in prison after she was found guilty for strangling her 10-year-old daughter for no reason in her home. As soon she killed the little girl, she packed the dead body in plastic trash and hid it in a shed.

According to court reports, the monster Indiana woman was identified as the Amanda C., will spend life in prison in regards to the death of her stepdaughter, an incident that happened back in 2019.

The woman was facing multiple charges including first degree murder, strangulation, neglect of a dependent resulting in death and domestic battery resulting in death to a person under 14. She was found guilty in all charges.

The incident happened in September 2019 when authorities found the body of the missing girl packed in plastic trash bags hidden in a shed. According to police reports, she was reported missing at the time and was last seen seven days prior to the body discovery.

Authorities say Amanda admitted to strangling the girl to death in the shed. The little girl’s body was found stashed in the shed, in plastic trash bags.

Carmack’s first trial ended with a mistrial in November after multiple people involved with the case tested positive for COVID-19.

The court process continued earlier this month and after a couple of court hearings the woman was found guilty on all charges and sentenced.

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