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Woman with previous criminal records, abuses, beats and kills her minor children and keeps their bodies for around one week in the apartment



Despite the high homicide rate in our country, more than 20,000 homicides have been reported in the U.S. in 2020, we, the parents, put a maximum effort every day to change that and try to show the right path to the youngest participants in our society.

We try to enable the best education to our kids, we love them unconditionally, we enjoy the moments spent with them, we are used to see children running in front of our yards and playgrounds, playing with each other, enjoying their carefree childhood and simply we love seeing them growing in front of our eyes.

But there are also parents who face certain difficulties in their lives from various aspects, financial, health, etc. and for reasons known only to them, they start with domestic violence, hurting their loved ones, mother, father, spouse, children, or even worse, killing them.

Such a case recently happened in Baltimore where bodies of two children were found in an apartment. Neighbors were left speechless and heartbroken after hearing that the two very kind and very friendly children who played all day long with their kids are now actually gone and murdered.

The bodies of the kids were found in an apartment a few days ago when someone smelled an unpleasant odor while passing by the building and reported it to the police. Upon arrival, officers found the body of one kid in the back room and the other in the front room of the apartment.

Although the neighbors already started to suspect that something serious have happened when they saw the police because their neighborhood is actually safe and they are not used to see so many police officers, the police notified them about the incident that took place in the adjacent building and secured the surrounding area.

Authorities identified the kids as 6-year-old D. Thomas and 8-year-old D. Thomas and both of them suffered visible injuries to their bodies. They additionally said that the unpleasant odor was because the bodies have started to decompose.

Officers later located the mother of the kids, the 28-year-old J. Hall, and confessed to killing her own kids. Some of the friends and acquaintances of J. Hall interviewed by investigators said that the kids were a top priority to her, and things actually started to improve after going through a difficult period in her life. They still can’t believe that this actually happened. Some of the interviewed neighbors said they haven’t seen the kids for a week, but they never assumed that something so horrible like this happened.

Authorities say that J. Hall had a criminal record in the past and she was on a probation after pleading guilty to first-degree arson in 2018. Regarding the murder of her kids, she is facing up to a life in prison for two counts of first-degree murder charges.

Authorities are still interviewing J. Hall, trying to figure out what could possibly led to an unfortunate incident like this one. Friends and neighbors are awaiting the case to be resolved and find out what actually happened in the apartment.

Investigation regarding this incident is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to call police at 410-396-2100 or Metro Crime Stoppers at 866-7LOCKUP.

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