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’15 cheapest, safest places to live in the US’ list includes an Indiana town



Indianapolis, Indiana – According to research released on Friday by GOBankingRates, one of the 15 cheapest and safest locations to live in the United States is located in the Indianapolis metro region.

The list of “15 Cheapest, Safest Places To Live in the US” comprised American cities and towns that provide the best balance of affordability and safety.

With a population of 31,702, Zionsville, Indiana, was ranked among the Top 15. Northwest of Indianapolis, in southeast Boone County, is where Zionsville is located. The town has a downtown area in the shape of a hamlet and more than 500 acres of parkland.

The majority of the cities and towns mentioned, according to the research, share a few characteristics. Most of the suburbs on the list are in the Midwest, but there are also others in the East, Mountain West, and South with populations between 20,000 and 40,000. Three different Illinois cities were included in the Top 15 list. Each of Mississippi and Ohio has two.

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