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Ron Sexton, a longstanding participant in the humorous radio show “The Bob & Tom Show,” passed away



Indianapolis, Indiana – Ron Sexton, 52, popularly known as “Donnie Baker,” a veteran ensemble cast member of The Bob & Tom Show, passed away on Friday while on tour with his stand-up comedy show, according to representatives of the program.

He was a Tampa, Florida, inhabitant.

Millions of listeners came to know Sexton for his hilarious on-air personas, such as Donnie Baker, Kenny Tarmac, Floyd the Trucker, and his lifelike impersonations of famous people.

Early in January, the comedian made headlines when, following a performance in Portland, Indiana, a rumored affair reportedly turned physical outside a bar in Indianapolis. According to court records, Sexton told police the shooter was the spouse of the lady he was seeing.

Charges of attempted murder and illegal possession of a pistol are levied against that man.

Sexton was a cherished friend and coworker. The death was confirmed in a statement posted by the show on Facebook. As of Saturday morning, the cause of death had not been formally announced.

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