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$22 million will be granted to the Indianapolis airport to build energy-efficient infrastructure.



Indianapolis, Indiana – The Federal Aviation Administration will award the Indianapolis Airport Authority a multimillion-dollar grant to build energy-efficient infrastructure, the airport authority said on Friday.

The FAA is investing $22.58 million to assist airports in achieving President Joe Biden’s target of net-zero emissions by 2050.

The grant is a tremendous gain for the airport, the environment, and the Indianapolis community, according to Mario Rodriguez, executive director of the Indianapolis Airport Authority.

“We’re committed to environment sustainability, minimizing the impact of airport operations on the environment, and we’re going that by exploring continuous improvements and opportunities for innovation,” Rodriguez said in a release.

Additionally, according to Rodriguez, the money will aid in funding the first 25% of a plan to switch the terminal’s electricity usage to locally produced renewable energy. In the surface parking areas, a metal canopy with solar panels will also be installed.

With more than 87,000 solar panels on the airport’s grounds, the Indianapolis Airport now has one of the largest solar farms on any airport site in the world.

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