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90 years for a woman found guilty in Evansville of killing her husband



Evansville, Indiana – A lady who was found guilty of killing her husband in Evansville will be imprisoned for the remainder of her life.

Elizabeth Fox-Doerr has been awaiting punishment since her conviction on murder and conspiracy charges two years ago. Finally, on Monday, the sentencing hearing was held in front of a full courtroom.

According to rumors, Fox-Doerr set up her lover, Larry Richmond, Sr., to kill her husband Robert Doerr, a veteran firefighter in Evansville. In February 2019, he was discovered shot and dead in his home’s driveway.

“(That’s) a day that turned a lot of people’s lives upside down,” Larry Wildt, a fellow firefighter, said at Fox-Doerr’s sentencing hearing. “I lost my best friend, my fishing partner, my bowling partner.”

Throughout the trial, a number of State witnesses, including Wildt, urged the judge to impose the worst punishment feasible. Robert Doerr’s stepson Nathan Guthrie, Fox-Doerr’s own son, was one of the speakers.

“I will never be able to forgive her for being the reason that my siblings and I have lost the family we grew up with,” Guthrie said.
During the hearing, a distraught Fox-Doerr spoke to the court for the first time and avowed her innocence.

“Regardless of what the verdict says, I am innocent of these crimes,” she said. “I never asked anyone to murder my husband. My world came crashing down on the night of Feb. 26, 2019. I was in shock, devastated, lost, and I have never been the same since.”

Her lawyers contended that there was still a legitimate doubt that he had done the offenses she was charged with, citing the evidence and case as “circumstantial” against her.

The judge gave Fox-Doerr a total sentence of 90 years in jail, 60 years on the murder charge and an additional 30 years for the conspiracy charge.