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Hamilton County planning 146th St. & Hazel Dell Pkwy intersection project



Hamilton County, Indiana – Although there is still a long way to go before the cones are deployed, Hamilton County officials are preparing for another significant road reconstruction.

The busy crossroads of 146th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway, which is at the boundary of Carmel and Noblesville, will soon require a $37 million renovation to maintain traffic flow, according to officials. This intersection is expected to get busier in the future years.

“This is one of the most dangerous intersections for crashes in the county,” BridgePprogram Engineer Matt Lee said. “There’s also a level of service issue where it’s heavily congested.”

The Hamilton County Highway Department intends to construct a bridge rising 146th Street and adding a roundabout to Hazel Dell Parkway below it primarily for two reasons: safety and congestion.

“I think it’s needed,” Noblesville resident Chris Waylen said. “The intersection is well-traveled and there’s always an accident there.”

The project managers solicited input from local residents and workers, as their opinions may ultimately influence the project’s final design, given that building won’t begin until 2026.

According to John McClain, his church is located directly across from the crossroads and offers police support for traffic throughout each service. According to him, the existing proposal would partially prevent drivers from access.

“I’m just concerned because we have a traffic flow of about a thousand people on a given Sunday coming in,” McClain said. “Going around the roundabout, you’re just pushing the problem down further.”

Plans are just around 45% finished, according to officials, so it’s unclear exactly how drivers will need to maneuver the area throughout the two-year building period.

“We’re expecting to kind of mirror some of the things for maintenance of traffic that we did at 146th and Allisonville,” Lee explained. “So, maybe some temporary closures, while keeping 146th Street open during the project.”

Public comments may still be submitted in writing to CHA Consulting in Indianapolis, according to highway officials, provided that they do so by July 5.