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A $10 sex rendezvous ends with the woman being shoved down stairs and pistol-whipped



Muncie, Indiana – Court records said that a Muncie guy who paid a woman $10 for sex then accused her of taking his wallet, reportedly pistol-whipped her and shoved her down the stairs.

Jackie Joiner, 47, was taken into custody on Wednesday on a Level 5 felony preliminary accusation of battery with a deadly weapon.

In the vicinity of 7th and Grant on Friday at around 1:23 p.m., Muncie police officers were summoned, and when they arrived, they discovered a woman with a bloody towel over her nose.

The woman told police that Joiner allegedly pistol-whipped her with a gun several times, leaving a laceration on the back of her head. She accused Joiner of causing her injuries.

The woman informed the officers that she had gone on a planned “date” with Joiner and that he had given her $10 after they had sex. After accusing the woman of stealing his wallet, Joiner is then accused of following her home and allegedly assaulting her.

The woman said to the cops that Joiner had threatened to kill her, forced her down a flight of stairs, and struck her many times with a revolver. Eventually, the woman raced to the intersection of 7th and Grant, where she dialed 911.

Joiner, a sanitation worker for the city of Muncie, was placed under arrest on Wednesday. Joiner may spend one to six years in prison if found guilty.



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