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Indy Scream Park’s backstage at Anderson



Anderson, Indiana – With a ton of new features for thrill-seekers searching for frightening and exciting experiences, Indy Scream Park is back.

A terrifying and terrifying night is what the haunted park promises. Six major attractions are available for the 2023 season, including “Nightmare Factory,” “Kilgore’s 3D Circus,” and “Zombieland.”

“Lockdown,” a new attraction in the park, is about a prisoner rebellion in Eastgate Prison following a blackout. The Monster Midway features a pizza-serving food truck and Bonzo’s Beer Garden for patrons 21 and up.

There’s also Monster Midway to discover, which has the reopened Bonzo’s Beer Garden. serving visitors that are older than 21. For those with a little more liquid bravery, it serves wine and beer alternatives, including craft brews from the area. This year’s food court has been remodeled to include a freshly made food truck that serves mouthwatering hot pizza.

Experience the interactive haunted attractions “Lockdown” and “Zombieland: Unchained” if you’re over 18.

Anderson, Indiana’s 5211 S. New Columbus Road is home to Indy Scream Park. From now until November 4th, they will be open seven days a week, starting at 7 p.m.


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