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A doctor in Indianapolis starts a campaign to raise awareness of colorectal cancer among Latinos



Indianapolis, Indiana – Colon cancer awareness month is being used by a local physician to educate the underserved Latino population about prevention.

“Terrible numbers of mortality, so when we see these patients are in advanced stages there’s not much that we can do that at that stage,” Dr. Eleazar Montalván-Sánchez said.

It is an effort to combat colon cancer.

“Unfortunately, for Hispanics and Latinx population these interventions have not been that successful,” Montalván-Sánchez said.

According to research compiled by the National Library of Medicine, Latino adults had a higher likelihood of receiving a colon cancer diagnosis in a more advanced stage than white adults.

The Indiana University School of Medicine’s resident physician is Dr. Eleazar Montalván-Sánchez.

“Most of the information is in English and most of our population in Indianapolis speak Spanish, so I think that’s one of the barriers as well providers that don’t speak Spanish is another of the barriers,” Montalván-Sánchez said

“When we see these patients that are admitted to the hospital in advanced stages when there’s something that could prevent like screening that’s something to raise awareness for us. That’s something that has to change,” Montalván-Sánchez said.

At least half of Montalván-patients, Sánchez claims, are unaware of enough preventative measures for colon cancer.

He, therefore, launched the campaign for Hispanic Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. It will emphasize social media to connect with the neighborhood.

There will also be an online portal that gives access to primary care doctors and information about colon cancer screening.

“Latinos and Hispanics one of the best interventions for recruitment is by social media and T.V. awareness,” Montalván-Sánchez said.

“If we detect like cancer, colorectal cancer, at early stages it could be more than 95% survival rates, so that’s something that moves us and our team to move to do this,” Montalván-Sánchez said.

In the coming days, the website will be operational, according to Montalván-Sánchez.

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