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A novel FDA-approved canine pain reliever is now offered in Indianapolis



Indianapolis, Indiana – With the launch of Librela, an FDA-approved medication for treating osteoarthritis in dogs, a significant advancement in canine healthcare has been made possible. Librela is currently offered by Pet Wellness Clinics in central Indiana.

One of the Pet Wellness Clinics team members, Dr. Rachael Campbell, emphasized how Librela can improve the quality of life for our animal friends, “Librela is a new product that just got approved to help control the pain of arthritis.”

Conventional methods of treating canine arthritis have frequently been linked to hazards and adverse consequences.

“The reason it’s so exciting is because of the way that it works,” Campbell said.

The unique quality of librela is how little of an effect it has on the liver and kidneys of dogs.

Campbell explained, “The exciting thing about Librela is that it’s the first FDA-approved injection in the United States that we can give to help with arthritis that doesn’t have those side effects on your kidneys and things like that.”

Campbell shared her own experience with Librela, recounting, “I gave it to both my dogs. It helped them within days. Most people start to see improvement within seven days. And the biggest improvement has been after one month.”

It is crucial to speak with veterinarians for individualized counsel and direction when dog owners contemplate the possible advantages of Librela. With the new therapy option, dog owners can now choose a different course of action for managing the discomfort that comes with osteoarthritis in their pet, depending on their specific situation.