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A series of car break-ins close to White River Township have been reported by the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office



Johnson County, Indiana – Authorities from the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office have received reports of an uptick in car break-ins in the White River township region.

A press release issued by the office stated that several thefts were reported to the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office in December and late November. Among the incidents are a few of them:

• Nov. 28: 4000 block of Primerose Path, stolen purse found in yard
• Dec. 5: 330 block of Western Blvd., stolen multiple items and a broken window
• Dec. 8: 4500 block Hickory Ridge Blvd., stolen license plate
• Dec. 8: 300 block Wakefield Trace, suspicious person
• Dec. 15: 4600 block of Fox Moore Lane, stolen firearm
• Dec. 15: 4800 block of Brentridge Place, stolen wallet
• Dec. 15: 1900 block of Skyline Drive, stolen laptop
• Dec. 15: 3300 block Streamside Drive, stolen mail from mailbox
• Dec. 16: 2100 block Bodine Place, suspicious person.

Residents have provided the office with camera footage of reported occurrences, which is being examined by detectives, according to the release from officials.

The suspects in the incidents “appear to be on foot and traveling from house to house.” “They appear to be using a flashlight to illuminate the interior of vehicles parked in driveways and on the street,” the release said.

“These thefts range from purses, wallets, loose money, and even firearms. Many of these thefts occurred when vehicles had valuable items in plain sight inside an unlocked vehicle. During these incidents, the thieves can go from house to house quietly checking for valuables inside vehicles. Thefts are also reported when items of value are observed inside locked vehicles.”

Johnson County Sheriff’s Office representatives emphasized to locals the need to lock cars and bring valuables inside at night. Every neighborhood now has more office patrols, and the traffic enforcement section is “working hard to catch these individuals.”

The office is looking into several thefts that have been reported, and they are identifying multiple individuals by reviewing surveillance footage. According to the announcement, residents are requested to contact the office at (317) 736-9155 if they have security footage that might contain proof. Additionally, the agency requests that people report any unusual activities, particularly in the evening.

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