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After more than a thousand days in a shelter, Kane, the pit bull, has a happy ending



Whitestown, Indiana – On Friday, Kane, the daring pit bull who had been in a Boone County shelter for more than a thousand days, left for his forever home.

Kane, an American Pit Bull Terrier mix that is 3 or 4 years old, has a lengthy history at the Humane Society for Boone County.

According to volunteers who have worked with Kane, he was discovered in September 2020 as a stray. He briefly resided with a family before being taken back. Since then, Kane has been employed with the Humane Society.

Kane spent more than three years, or 1,000 days, at the shelter throughout the summer.

However, it took 1,129 days for Betsy and Jeremy McFadden, volunteers at the shelter, to sign, seal, and deliver Kane’s happy ending.

For the past two years, Betsy claims to have volunteered at the shelter. Her spouse, Jeremy, also started helping soon after she did. As long as they have been at the shelter, Kane has been there, according to Betsy, who spoke to News 8.

According to other volunteers, Kane and Betsy clicked right away. Despite their strong bond, the McFaddens were hesitant to adopt Kane because they felt there were still a lot of loose ends that needed to be tied in order to bring him home securely.

“You can only ignore the voice (telling you to do it) for so long. We (were) going to figure this out,” Betsy said.

In addition to integrating Kane with their other dogs and “building Kane his own space in the garage while he adjusts,” the McFaddens said about the measures they had taken to welcome the new dog.

“We thought about this for a long time,” Jeremy said. “I think this will be good for us, and especially good for (Kane).”

Volunteers threw a going-away party to commemorate Kane’s big departure, replete with gifts, new toys for him, and cake, candy, and donuts that are suitable for dogs.

Volunteers who collaborated with Kane throughout his time at the shelter made up a large portion of the attendees. The partygoers gave Kane a warm welcome when he arrived.

Susan Austin, the executive director of the Humane Society, remarks, “Kane has always left out the back door,” as he gets ready to move into his new house. He’s going out through the front door today.

According to volunteers, Kane now goes by his full name, Kane Atlas McFadden, as a result of his adoption.

“This is a good day,” Jeremy said. “This is a good day.”


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