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An attempt to steal an ATM causes a fire, and police scour the south side of I-65



Indianapolis, Indiana – Traffic on I-65 was hampered on Thursday morning due to an attempted ATM heist on the south side of Indianapolis, which resulted in a car fire and a police search.

Around 5:40 a.m., INDOT cameras captured massive flames emerging from a car by the southbound side of I-65. However, by approximately 5:50 a.m., the fire seemed to be contained.

At first, Indianapolis Metropolitan police were claimed to be searching the area for suspects by Indiana State Police.

Officers were looking into complaints of suspicious people at a PNC Bank on South East Street, according to information later provided by the IMPD. Per investigators, the criminals made an effort to pilfer an ATM.

The ATM did receive some damage, despite their failure, according to Samone Burris, the public relations officer for the IMPD.

When IMPD came across a truck that still had chains dangling from the rear, they made an attempt to halt the vehicle. But the motorist raced off, sparking a quick pursuit.

As soon as the truck approached the freeway, IMPD promptly canceled the pursuit, citing the vehicle’s unpredictable behavior. The same truck was later observed by cops on I-65 with its rear wheel on fire. The two occupants of the truck had vanished.

After officers tried to put out the fire, it rekindled, so IMPD requested assistance from the Indianapolis Fire Department.

Both a neighboring neighborhood and a forested area close to the freeway were being searched by police for the suspects. According to Burris, two people were a free man.

Furthermore, Indiana State Police claim that an IMPD vehicle was hit on I-65 close to Edgewood; however, no serious injuries were recorded.

Traffic on the interstate was stalled by the car fire, search, and crash. In this location, drivers should exercise caution.

Anyone with details regarding the incident ought to get in touch with Crime Stoppers or the IMPD.



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