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Bedford man arrested after threatening woman and juvenile with a handgun



BEDFORD – A Bedford man was arrested Friday afternoon after Bedford Police officers were called to a home in the 1100 block of N Street after dispatch received a text from a male juvenile saying 32-year-old Ken Howell Jr. had threatened him and his mother with a gun.

When police arrived they confronted Howell who was uncooperative and refused speak to the officers.

A female was also in the home at that time. She informed police it was all a misunderstanding and there was no issue.

Officers then asked to speak to the male who texted police.

The woman re-entered inside the home for several minutes and failed to return back to the police. Police then heard yelling coming from inside the home.

Officers entered the home to ensure everyone’s safety.

The woman and juvenile exited the home while Howell remained inside recording the incident.

The male was initially hesitant to speak to officers. Officers believed it was because Howell was near by and could hear their conversation.

The juvenile and officers walked around the corner of the home to speak.

The male juvenile told officers Howell had threatened the woman by pointing a firearm at her and then hit her in the head with the grip of the handgun.

Howell then threw the woman onto the ground and threatened the male juvenile with the gun and began to break the his personal items.

The male juvenile told police Howell had the gun pointed at the ground while doing this.

The male juvenile could only tell police it was a black handgun.

Howell was arrested on a charge of domestic battery in the presence of a minor and placed in a police car. Howell continued to be uncooperative and belligerent with the officers.

Officers then spoke to the woman, who denied there was any physical altercation saying they “fight, but never get physical.” When asked about the presence of firearms inside the residence,  she stated there were no firearms inside the home, but she would not allow officers to search the home.

The home was secured while officers obtained a search warrant. While waiting for the warrant the woman told police there was a 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun inside the home.

Officers obtained a search warrant and located the gun under the woman’s bed. Officers also found three loaded magazines and a box of ammunition for the gun.

Officers also found marijuana in plain-view, a metal grinding device and one THC wax smoking device.

The woman did tell police that she and Howell had “got into it really bad this morning, but there was nothing physical.”

The Department of Child Services was also alerted.

Howell faces charges of pointing a firearm, intimidation with a deadly weapon, battery with a deadly weapon, and domestic battery in the presence of a minor.

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