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Brad Chambers enters the May Republican primary to run for governor



Indianapolis, Indiana – The final Republican to formally file to appear on the primary ballot on Wednesday was Brad Chambers, a Republican running for governor and a former secretary of commerce for Indiana.

A press release sent by Chambers’ campaign stated that the candidate has submitted all required documentation, including more than 7,000 authentic signatures, to be included on the primary ballot in May.

Prior information indicates that Chambers will be listed on the Republican primary ballot for governor in May along with the other five Republican contenders. These further contenders consist of:

• Suzanne Crouch, Indiana’s current lieutenant governor
• Eric Doden, the former president of the Indiana Economic Development Corporation
• Curtis Hill, Indiana’s former attorney general
• U.S. Senator Mike Braun (R-Ind.), one of Indiana’s current U.S. Senators
• Jamie Reitenour

According to earlier reports, Jennifer McCormick, a gubernatorial contender and the state’s former superintendent of public instruction, also registered to participate in the Democratic primary.

“I believe in Indiana’s future — one filled with more opportunities for Hoosiers and their families to build and live a great life — but it’s a future that will take a true outsider to build, not a career politician,” Chambers said in the release. “And after spending the past several months traveling across the state listening to Hoosiers, it’s clear that many feel the same.

“Thanks to an incredible field team and group of volunteers and supporters,” Chambers continued. “Today, we’re now officially one step closer to building that future, and I’m more energized than ever to get it done.”

The Indiana Secretary of State’s office has stated in prior reports that candidates must file by noon on February 9 to be considered for a spot on the primary ballot.





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