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Business owners happy after Broad Ripple Avenue reopens



Indianapolis, Indiana – At Guilford and Winthrop Avenues, traffic on Broad Ripple Avenue resumed for the first time since early September.

This section of road was reopened by city officials after the initial stage of a significant infrastructure project was finished.

“It’s nice to see traffic coming through again and it looks really good, sharp,” said Luke Basile, a manager at Union Jack Pub.

Basile claimed that because of the construction’s increased traffic and lack of parking, consumers frequently became discouraged. He claimed that business would have been extremely slow if not for the World Cup.

“People have nowhere to park during the interruptions, people had to park far away. So they have to find a way to walk in,” said Stu Xie who manages The Sushi Bar.

Xie is hopeful that now that the construction is finished, the business will pick up around the holidays.

Although Basile acknowledged it was difficult to deal with the commotion the construction brought about, he thinks the neighborhood will gain in the long run.

“I feel like over the past decade there’s been quite a bit of money invested in Broad Ripple. You got new condos and apartments. I imagine it will be beneficial in the long run.”