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3 years for the offender in the Dreasjon Reed-related drive-by shooting



Indianapolis, Indiana – A lady from Indianapolis was given a three-year prison sentence for her part in two drive-by shootings involving a man who was later murdered by an officer from the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department.

Evana Evans, 23, received that punishment on Thursday from a judge in Marion County.

For shooting a gun into a building, Evans entered a guilty plea to a single count of criminal recklessness.

Evans was identified as the driver in a drive-by shooting on April 3, 2020, by police and prosecutors.

According to investigators, Evans was the driver for Dreasjon Reed, who may have fired up to eight bullets at a home.

On the porch at the time were the owner of the house and her two daughters, aged one and four.

Authorities claimed that Evans and Reed were involved in the shooting after reviewing cell phone data and Facebook Messenger chats.

Just over a month later, an IMPD officer shot and killed Reed after a police chase.

On Facebook, Reed broadcast the chase and the shooting live.

According to tests conducted by investigators, the gun discovered alongside Reed’s body after his death was used to fire the rounds from the drive-by shooting.

The officer was not indicted by a grand jury for Reed’s death.