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BUTTER is providing a free Walk & Talk art history tour with a purchase of a ticket



Indianapolis, Indiana – Visitors will have the option to learn more about Black art and art history once the BUTTER Fine Art Fair opens to the public.

Attendees of BUTTER can register for a free gift with their tickets. Free Walk & Talk history tours are available through Through2Eyes Indiana on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at various times.

Owner of Through2Eyes Sampson Levingston will take BUTTER visitors on a tour of this significant region for Black history and culture, which is located between Crispus Attucks High School and The Stutz Building.

The significance of Black art in Indiana will be the main topic of the 30-minute history lectures.

“Around 75 years ago, there were plenty of Black homes, schools, churches, and businesses in the area,” Levingston said.

BUTTER runs Thursday through Sunday at the Stutz Building, 1060 N. Capitol Ave., and features artwork from 49 black artists from Indiana and across the United States. It’s an event The New York Times called “a new model for economic justice in the arts.”

GANGGANG, a regional nonprofit creative firm that works to advance beauty, equity, and culture in places like Indianapolis, is the organization behind the third annual event.

100% of the highlighted pieces will be sold or lent, according to GANGGANG, and the artists will receive the proceeds.