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By the end of 2023, Indianapolis’s rate of criminal homicides has dropped by almost 19%



Indianapolis, Indiana – In Indianapolis, homicides decreased by 4.4% overall in 2023, according to the police.

In 2023, there were 216 homicides in total, down from 226 in 2022. However, the IMPD further divided the homicide data between criminal and noncriminal cases.

There were 171 criminal homicides in 2022 compared to 211 in 2021, a roughly 19% drop from the previous year.

There was a notable spike in noncriminal homicides between 2022 and 2023. There were 45 noncriminal homicides in 2022 compared to just 15 in this past year. That was a rise of 200%.

Police statistics provided to News 8 show that 78 out of the 216 homicides in 2023—or 36% of the cases—were cleared by IMPD.

The overall decline in violent crime, according to IMPD, is a good development for the city.

“Our overall crime and violent crime is down and we hope those numbers continue to trend that way,” said Officer William Young. “We also hope as we go into the new year people practice learning how to manage their conflicts, especially amongst our teenagers who we’ve seen a significant number of youth violence throughout the year.”

Young says he thinks homicides declined in large part because of the community’s willingness to work with officers and other violence reduction groups. “The main reason is because of the community. I think the community is fed up with the violence and so we’ve made a significant number of arrests throughout this year based on information that was provided from tips from the community.”

Young also points out the work of IMPD in helping to reduce violence in Indianapolis. “I still want to speak to the good work the officers do. Our officers go in day in and day out. Our violence reduction teams go out to look for those who illegally possess firearms, and our officers who are beat police officers are responding to those calls.”

From more than 270 homicides in 2021, the numbers for the past two years have drastically decreased.