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During the water main break, a beauty company provides the town with hair treatment



Indianapolis, Indiana – Recently, shortly before December 25, a water main break occurred in an Indianapolis area, prompting Beech Grove-based Malibu Wellness to assist.

The roughly 1,000-resident community of Morgantown sustained major damage as a result of the break. The town in Morgan County is located roughly fifty minutes south of Indianapolis’ city center.

Loretta Mottram, chief executive officer of Malibu Wellness, said, “When we heard about the water issue in Morgantown, we knew we needed to help.”

The parent firm of the Malibu C haircare brand is in the beauty sector.

“Iron and calcium found in the water can significantly impact the health and appearance of hair and skin. Calcium can make hair feel dry and weighted down, and can also lead to scalp flaking. This mineral build-up can even clog hair follicles, leading to hair breakage and potentially blocking new hair growth.” Mottrem said.

Utility workers impacted a nearby water line, causing the water main break.

2,500 sachets of Malibu Wellness’ Hard Water Wellness Hair Remedy were donated.

Matt Cotton, chief sales officer at Malibu C, said, “We know the effects of hard water and wanted to offer our expertise and help out a local community near us. While we can’t fix the main water break, we hope our Hard Water Wellness Remedies provide some relief to the residents of Morgantown during this challenging time.”

For a few days, the community was under a boil-water advisory.

Mottram said, “For skin, the buildup of these minerals can also lead to issues such as dryness and irritation. To combat these effects, Malibu C recommends using fresh, dried vitamin technology to remove mineral buildup, which can restore hair’s vibrancy, shine, and manageability of the hair”

Residents were given bottled water by town officials, who also promised to look into ways to get things rectified more quickly in the future.


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