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Colts fans head to Nashville to support their team



Indianapolis, Indiana – Indy Blue Crew supporters of the Colts made the trip to Nashville to cheer on the team during their thrilling victory over the Tennessee Titans.

The Indianapolis Blue Crew’s president is Brent Vogel. For this game, he arranged for the supporters who took two buses to Nashville.

He described the back-and-forth game as exhilarating.

“We were 5th row in the corner of the end zone where Pittman scored that touchdown at the end,” Vogel said. “I mean, it was a rollercoaster ride. I mean it was back and forth. I didn’t know how it would go in the end, but to see us come through, It was nice to see that happen. It was a good win.”

Vogel mentioned that this is an annual trip for the Indianapolis Blue Crew.

“We have two buses with 100 people on the buses heading down to Nashville on Saturday. We hung out in Nashville yesterday and we went into the Titans stadium today,” Vogel said. “All of us had seats by one another. It was crazy. A lot of Colts fans. A lot of them cheering them on and we had a blast.”

Vogel expressed his gratitude that the Colts emerged victorious during his visit, saying he could not have wished for a finer day for the trip.

“We went back and forth with the score of the game. At one minute, you thought we’re gonna take off, we’re gonna put on a bunch of points on this team and end up getting a nice little lead, and then before you know it, something else happens and it’s a tie score,” Vogel said. “I mean, even talking to the Titans fans around me, no one really knew who was going to win this game. It was a rollercoaster ride. I am just glad the Colts came out at the end.”



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