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Naptown Rumble, a professional boxing event, will make its Indianapolis debut



Indianapolis, Indiana – On Saturday, December 9, Indianapolis’ professional combat night will take place at Arsenal Technical High School. Pro boxer Anthony Sims Jr., a Hoosier, will serve as the host of the boxing match, Naptown Rumble.

“It’s my obligation to come back to create opportunity in the city where it all started,” said Sims. “There’s so much talent, but there’s no platforms for fighters to showcase their skills.”

Boxers will have the opportunity to show off their prowess in the ring during the four-hour event. The bout will include hard-hitting bouts between Brandon “The Chosen One” Johnson and Pablo Sanchez of Indianapolis.

The mission of the boxing event is to “encourage kids to put the guns down and the gloves up, promoting a safe and more positive path for them,” according to Sims’ company, Magic Promotions.

Sims stated that boxing “teaches you strategy, teaches you self-control, it teaches you discipline.” He also said that boxing teaches kids art.

“The boxing I learned is like an art. What do painters paint on? A Canvas. A boxing ring is called a canvas; it’s made out of the same material. It’s the same as art,” said Sims. “Guys get knocked out, there’s blood on the ring, there’s water spots in the corner. If a guy gets knocked and his face hits the ground, you can see the imprint of his bloody face. It’s really a portrait.” said Sims.

The fight gets underway at 1500 East Michigan Street at 7:00 p.m., with the doors opening at 6:30. The event is suitable for families of all ages, with tickets priced between $50 and $150.