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Colts supporters are optimistic about the team’s future despite Richardson’s injury



Indianapolis, Indiana – Fans’ joy after the Colts defeated the Tennessee Titans 23–16 was not diminished by yet another injury to rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson.

“It is a great division win. it brought some confidence that we didn’t even know we had. We’re about to do some things,” said Jennia Davis.

For ten years, Matt Gibson and his pals have been tailgating across the street from Lucas Oil Stadium. He has witnessed multiple Colts quarterbacks come and go in that period.

“I’m not sure Richardson is ready to play at this level, especially using him like a running back like we do. That’s really, really hard on a quarterback at this level,” said Gibson.

Gardner Minshew, the game’s backup quarterback, is the player Gibson believes should start.

“I think Minshew should be given consideration. I mean I know it changes our offensive plan a little bit, takes away a bit of the play action but he’s a seasoned quarterback.”

Not just Gibson believes that Minshew might fill the void if Richardson is sidelined for a few weeks.

“Gardner Minshew is a stud. Gardner Minshew is the real deal, I think he’s the best backup in the league,” said Sam Miller.

Gerard Davis is likewise upbeat. The best was yet to come, he claimed, with running back Jonathan Taylor back in the mix.

“We’re built for the long haul you know? Richardson goes down, Minshew steps up. It just seems like it’s set up for the long haul,” said David.

The Colts’ next game, against the Jaguars, is on October 15 in Jacksonville.

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