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Due to rat activity, Speedway Kroger Bakery and Deli has closed



Speedway, Indiana – Due to concerns about rat activity, the Marion County Public Health Department has closed down a number of locations of a Speedway Kroger.

Following a report of rat activity, the Kroger at 5718 Crawfordsville Road was inspected on Thursday.

The bakery and deli, as well as three retail aisles, were found to have mouse droppings, according to the Marion County Public Health Department.

The inspector then sealed off the sections to ensure adequate sanitation. Until they can be inspected once more, which is expected to happen on April 20, those locations will stay restricted. The remainder of the store will continue to be open.

Health officials affirm that the store receives routine pest control, and they add that the corporation is coordinating with them to address the problem.

In a statement, Kroger says “We’re disappointed by the report, however, our team acted quickly, deep cleaning the areas noted by the inspectors. Our team also did a further evaluation to ensure all areas meet our high standards. We’re now awaiting the opportunity to schedule a reinspection as soon as possible.”


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