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Due to safety issues, the Morgan County fire station closes



Mooresville, Indiana – The Morgan County fire department in a township shuttered due to safety concerns, the department said on Friday.
Station 831 at 10023 N. Kitchen Road was closed by the Madison Township Fire Department. Built in 1992, the station is located on State Road 144, just a short drive south of the roundabout.

A social media post issued Friday afternoon said, “Over the years, as Madison Township has grown, the demands for staffing and fire apparatus have taxed the facility. Safety concerns about the degradation of concrete and the lack of adequate living quarters for staff were cited as the two main reasons for the decision to temporarily shut down the station.”

The White River to the southwest, County Road 500 East to the west, and Indianapolis to the north roughly encircle the township. Stats Indiana estimates that 10,174 people call Madison Township home in 2022—an increase of more than 4,700 since 1990. Heartland Crossing is one of the biggest housing developments in the municipality.

The firefighters and their gear have been relocated to Station 832, the other township fire department building, located at 7047 E. Landersdale Road, Camby. That is approximately three miles east of Mooresville’s Bridge Street and State Road 67 interchange.

The fire chief is developing new emergency response strategies in collaboration with other departments that offer mutual help. Plans are also in place to modernize Station 831.

Chief Anthony McClure said in a news release, “In order to serve Madison Township to the best of our ability, we need to do everything we can to ensure the safety of our team.”


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