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Indianapolis luxury cosmetics firm owner offers winter skincare advice



Indianapolis, Indiana – Our skin can suffer over the winter. But don’t worry, the proprietor of a high-end cosmetic firm with headquarters in Indianapolis has some advice on how to take care of your skin over the winter.

Teeka Tolliver, the creator of CC Bodycare, is an expert when it comes to winter skin care.

Some of the organic substances used in CC Bodycare’s products are safe to eat! There are body scrubs with sugar as an ingredient and even a pineapple-flavored body oil.

Teeka offers the following five suggestions for pleasant skin in the winter:

Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.

• Cleanse your skin with natural beauty bars.
• Exfoliate your skin and lips with sugar scrubs
• Moisturize and hydrate with body oils and bath oils.
• Protect your skin from the elements with lip balm and layer up

Before it gets chilly, Tolliver says she intends to create more “cool” items. CC Bodycare will be selling candles, bath oils, body sprays, and scrubs on Black Friday.

Circle Centre Mall’s Level 2 is home to CC Bodycare.

Therefore, take a look at some of Teeka’s scrubs and oils if you want your skin to stay lovely and smooth throughout the winter.






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