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Ex-Muncie police officer was imprisoned for covering up a crime committed by another officer



Muncie, Indiana – After covering up a crime committed by a fellow police officer, an ex-Muncie police officer was sentenced to jail on Friday.

According to the United States District Court Southern District of Indiana, Dalton Kurtz, 34, was given a sentence of 6 months in prison, a special assessment fine of $100, and a year of supervised release. Additionally, he was assessed a $1,000 interest fine, but it was waived.

Former Muncie police officer Kurtz, who faced up to three years in jail, pled guilty in 2021 to concealing and failing to report another officer’s inappropriate use of force during an arrest in 2018.

On June 5, 2018, three young people fled from police after ramming their car into a structure. Kurtz and his fellow Muncie officer Chase Winkle were called to the scene. Prosecutors claimed that one teen was later discovered face down in a yard with his arms out. Winkle allegedly kicked the child in the head as he ran toward him.

Even though Kurtz was aware that Winkle’s acts were unlawful, he chose not to report them and instead tried to hide them by fabricating a report.

For making fraudulent reports, several other Muncie police officers have previously faced charges.

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