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Expanding community programs at Indy Parks



Indianapolis, Indiana – Whether you enjoy biking, hiking, or throwing a ball, Indy Parks and Recreation wants to increase the number of events it offers.

“We’re just looking for folks out there that might need space outdoors or indoors. To come and do programming and showcase activities that they do,” said Kavita Mahoney, who works as the chief strategy officer of Indy Parks and Rec.

More people will have more options for how to spend their leisure time, according to Mahoney.

“We have 214 park locations across the city and we’re looking to utilize them as much as possible,” said Mahoney.

The possibilities, according to her, are unlimited given all the open space surrounding the parks.

“We really want people that can highlight different cultural programs, arts, mental health, and things like that,” said Mahoney. “We have kids that we’re trying to get off of social media. The more things that we have for kids to do is great.”

There is still time to submit a program idea; the deadline is August 25.

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