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Meal prep business crafts healthy alternatives to comfort foods



Indianapolis, Indiana – Finding items to eat that are healthy without losing comfort foods and favorite flavors can be a huge challenge when trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

When Ben Canary, a native of Bloomington, and his brother began attempting to eat healthier and stay in shape, it was just this problem that they encountered.

The solution to their issue was then unintentionally found by the two. The response? preparing the same comfort foods they cherished in a different way.

“My brother and I were simply attempting to prepare nutritious food and lose weight. People finally started asking us to cook for them because it worked so well, Canary said.

In 2016, the brothers quickly converted their passion for cooking into a company they called HercuLean Meal Prep. Between Indianapolis and Fort Wayne, they have opened 4 stores in the last 7 years, and they have produced a range of meals.

Rows of pre-made, ready-to-eat meals can be seen inside one of the store’s refrigerators, including pesto salmon pasta, barbecue mac and cheese, chicken alfredo, spinach artichoke chicken, a burger bowl, and others.

Canary said that “portion control” was the key to the meals’ healthfulness when I questioned this.

“You’re definitely going to make a fairly huge plate of spaghetti if you’re making it at home. For our barbecue mac & cheese, for instance, we cut the pork’s fat before smoking it all night. Then we prepare (a moderate amount of) mac and cheese. It’s not loaded with butter,” Canary stated.

He continues by saying that they attempt to prepare their meals with the calorie-dense elements removed and “put it together in portions that (add up to) 400 to 500 calories.”

It has been challenging, according to Canary, a full-time student pursuing a master’s degree in business administration. Canary manages the majority of the company and also handles food preparation and cooking. He claims that the challenges are worthwhile when he considers the effect it has had on individuals.

“What is more significant to me (than business) is meeting people in stores and hearing their stories about how the meals have improved their lives. That’s wonderful, he said.

Additionally, HercuLean Meal Prep offers global shipping. Meal plans include 14 meals for $9.49 each or 28 meals for $9.29 each.

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