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Experts discuss the potential of increasing Indiana’s passenger train service



Indianapolis, Indiana – Industry insiders claim that Indiana is falling behind its neighboring states in expanding passenger service, even as the Federal Railway Administration and Amtrak continue to work out their plans.

”Indiana seems to be the state that is doing the least right now,” said Steven Coxhead, Indiana’s private sector commissioner with the Midwest Interstate Passenger Rail Commission (MIPRC).

According to Coxhead, Indiana has only asked for federal money to improve service between Indianapolis and Chicago; other communities are free to submit their own funding bids.

”The Fort Wayne Regional Planning Organization has requested funding for a Chicago-Fort Wayne-Lima-Ohio, Columbus-Ohio corridor,” Coxhead said. ”The city of Louisville has requested Corridor ID funding for Louisville to Indianapolis.”

Because of manpower and budget constraints, INDOT stated that it will continue to concentrate on the Indianapolis–Chicago corridor. INDOT filed for a $500,000 federal grant, according to the director of strategic communications for the department, in order to assist in developing a strategic plan for that corridor.

”Track improvements, facility improvements, operating costs, ridership statistics: we’d be looking at all of those things,” Natalie Garrett with INDOT said.

Garrett stated that the department will be aware of INDOT’s award status by year’s end. Coxhead stated that INDOT and Amtrak are attempting to resolve a persistent bottleneck or congestion problem for passenger trains traveling west and east through Northern Indiana in addition to their expansion plans.

”It’s known as the South of the Lake Reroute, so that is just discussions so far, but at least it is moving forward,” Coxhead said.



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