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Families in Indiana getting ready for the new school year



Indianapolis, Indiana – Soon, students in central Indiana will return to the classroom, but the change from summer break to the new school year may be difficult for both parents and students.

“I just want her to succeed and be excellent in school,” said Richard Mackey.

One of the parents in Indiana getting ready for a new school year for his children is Richard Mackey.

For many families, like the Mackeys, however, the start of a new school year may be challenging, particularly in light of the recent record-breaking prices for school supplies.

“Inflation has been really terrible on us,” he said. “We are still surviving and trying to make the best of it but it’s been hard.”

The National Retail Federation estimates that families will spend a record-breaking amount on school supplies this year—nearly $900. Only $200 more than it was five years ago.

In addition to the rising costs, parents also frequently worry about the dynamics of the pupils inside the classroom.

“[My concern is] bullying,” said Greg Walden, another parent. “For the kids to say something, it’s just brushed off.”

“My problem is finding the good friends,” Mackey said. “There are different people out there putting stuff in your ears like it’s middle school now. Keep good friends around you.”

And because of this, parents say they want to get more involved in classroom issues this year to help keep things under control.

“I am trying to be more involved and get her to go on the right track.” Mackey said.

Hoosier families say they are optimistic for another successful start to the academic year despite these widespread worries.

“I don’t stress about it, just [focused on] my kids advancing in their academics, honor rolls, etc.,” said Breshonte Lee, another parent.

On Monday, July 31, courses for students enrolled in Indianapolis Public Schools will begin.

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