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Fishers introduce a scale for rating restaurants



Fishers, Indiana – Soon, diners in Fishers will be able to view the letter grade that the city’s health inspectors gave their favorite eatery.

Starting this Friday, the Fishers Health Department will put letter grades on restaurant doors. By the end of September 2023, all Fishers restaurants must have grades posted on their exterior doors.

The Fishers City Council authorized the new retail food inspection grading system for Fishers restaurants last November, and it went into force for 2023 restaurant inspections.

Following inspections, restaurants are given a letter grade of A, B, or C on a scale of 100.

“Although a popular program in cities around the United States, this is not something that Indiana residents are used to seeing as they enter their favorite restaurant,” Fishers Health Department Director Monica Helz said in a release. “We hope to lead the charge in improving food safety standards in Central Indiana.”

During yearly inspections, new grades will be assigned. Beginning in 2024, health inspectors will grade food trucks.

According to health officials, companies will receive placards with their letter grade throughout September to display at their front entrance so that it is obvious to consumers.

“Obviously, with the grade it’s right out near you front door that means the stakes are a little bit higher and it’s just right in people’s faces if they walk in,” the co-owner and founder of Four Day Ray Brewing, Brian Graham, said.

Each day that a restaurant fails to report its grade, they risk receiving a $100 fine.

“We pride ourselves on cleanliness and I think it’s really cool that we can post if we got an A+ we can post that right by the door so people know that we keep this place clean,” the owner of Rush Bowls, Marissa Cunningham, said.

“It’s obviously when one of the first things that you see walking into a restaurant, so definitely I think top of mind for both the restaurant and I think the customer walking inside,” Michelle Lawrence said.

Her friend Lexi Wheeler said, “As much as you want to trust establishments having that accountability I think is really important and probably makes you enjoy the experience more or wards you off from eating somewhere that maybe isn’t following those guidelines.”


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